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Understanding Magnetic Booking

Magnetic booking is a default feature in OutSmart that works to intelligently cluster your appointments together, to reduce awkward gaps in your appointment schedule, or in shared room schedules.

Magnetic Booking Behavior On Fully Available Days

When a patient goes to book on a day that is fully available in your schedule, the magnetic booking system will show only 3 available appointment slots:  One at the start of the day, one at the end of the day, and one in the middle.  This helps by not completely revealing your entire schedule of availability to patients.  Once a patient books an event on a specific day, then the options will change.

You can increase the number of available option on days with no events booked by separating your Hours of Operation events on that day.  For example, if you have one Hours of Operation event from 9 to 5, the system will give 3 options for appointments as described above.  But instead if you create two Hours of Operation events for that day, from 9 to 12 and then 1 to 5, then the Magnetic Booking system will offer 3 options for each Hours of operation event.  This will give your clients six options for that day, instead of three.

Note: If you want to create 2 sets of your hours and you want the system to read them as 2 different sets of hours of operation, they should not be touching.  For example, hours created from 9 to 12 and 12 to 5 will be combined together and read as one hours of operation set, from 9 to 5.  However if you create hours from 9 to 12 and 1 to 5, then they will be read as separate hours.

Magnetic Booking Behavior On Days With Existing Events

On days with existing events, the Magnetic Booking system will offer event options that are always directly adjacent to existing events in your schedule, to minimize awkward gaps throughout the day.

How To Turn On Or Off Magnetic Booking

The Magnetic Booking preference can be turn on or off in the Calendar Module, under the Online Booking Preferences section.

Access the OutSmart Calendar

Access the OutSmart Calendar

Click on the gear icon and click on 'Online Booking Options'

Click on the gear icon and click on ‘Online Booking Options’

Checkmark 'Turn Magnetic Booking Off'.

Checkmark ‘Turn Magnetic Booking Off’.