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SmartForms Overview

What are SmartForms?

OutSmart’s SmartForms module is a unique and powerful questionnaire system that allows you to not only gather information, but also organize and catalog that information for use in other areas of the EMR, like the Smart Charts, the Calendar, or the Patient WorkSpace.

Using SmartForms means that 90% of your questionnaire work is already done for you.  We have a library of hundreds upon hundreds of questions, organized into descriptive SmartForm Sections, which you can use in your Questionnaires.  For example, if you wanted to get started quickly by using our existing SmartForm Questionnaire Templates, you could be automatically sending out detailed Intake Forms to your patients within minutes of setting up your OutSmart account.

Sampling of SmartForm Questionnaire
Sampling of SmartForm Questionnaire

All questions in the SmartForms module are added by the SmartND team.  If you would like to include custom questions that we do not have, simply send those to us and we will include them.  We have chosen to moderate the questions individually, so that we can connect the answers to various relevant parts of the system.  It is this connection that makes the SmartForms system so powerful.

How will your patients interact with Smart Forms? (Video)

Here is a quick video demonstrating how your patients will interact with the Smart Forms system via the patient portal.

How To Create A SmartForm

You can create a SmartForm from scratch, by starting with a blank template and then adding various SmartForm Sections to your questionnaire.  These section contain pre-set questions which you can hide or show as needed to customize your questionnaire.  You could also use one of our existing templates as a starting point.  This article describes how to create a new SmartForm.

How To Edit A SmartForm

You may want to continue editing your SmartForm at a later date, or perhaps you want to change the content of your SmartForm after having already sent it to a few patients.  This article describes how to modify your SmartForm Questionnaires.

Sending SmartForms To Clients

Smartforms can be sent to and/or filled out by clients in 5 different ways.  They can be sent via a link in an e-mail; they can be attached directly to a specific Patient Portal account; they can be added to your website; they can be attached to a specific event in your calendar, so that they are automatically sent to the patient when a booking is made; or finally, they can be filled out in clinic on a tablet.  All 5 of these methods are discussed in detail#1 in the article on how to send SmartForms to your clients.

Viewing & Printing Submitted SmartForms

You can view submitted SmartForms from the SmartForms page, from the Patient Workspace, or from within a medical chart.  This article explains how to view and print submitted SmartForms.