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Online Booking Patient Experience

OutSmart’s online booking system is designed not only to book in your clients, but also to get them connected to their patient portal, and to assign online or paper intake forms as needed.  Once you have configured your online booking system and published your online booking links on your website, this is how your clients can use the system.

Quick Summary Of The Steps

  1. Clients will click on a “Book Now” button on your webiste, and be directed to the OutSmart Easy Online Booking page.
  2. They will select a service and a practitioner.
  3. They will then select from a list of dates and times for their appointment.
  4. Then they will either log into an existing Patient Portal account, or they will identify themselves by entering their basic demographic information.
  5. They will then confirm who will be attending the appointment. This is different from step 4 because a patient may be booking the appointment on behalf of a child.  Step 4 identifies the parent, while this step identifies the child.
  6. They click on the “Book Appointment button”, and are then directed to a success page where their intake forms (if applicable) will be available.  We will also send out a confirmation e-mail to the patient and the practitioner.

Detailed Description

Step 1: The book now button on your website

You will need to create a book now button on your website so that your clients will be able to click on this link to access your online booking page.  How to find your links and which link to use is described in the Online Booking Setup instructions.

Step 2: Selecting a Service or Practitioner

Depending on which online booking link you choose to use, your clients will either be directed to a list of an individual practitioner’s services, or to an office page where all practitioners and services are listed.

If directed to a single practitioner’s booking page, then they will only need to select the service they want to book.  If directed to the office page, they will be selecting a service and a practitioner to move to the next stage of booking.

Example of an office-wide booking page.

Example of an office-wide booking page.

Example of a practitioner-specific booking page.

Example of a practitioner-specific booking page.

Step 3: Select a Date and Time

The dates and times that are displayed are based on your settings in your online booking preferences, and your hours of operation specified in your calendar.  The client will start by selecting a date, and then will be presented with time options.

Select the Date and Time of the appointment you want to book.

Select the Date and Time of the appointment you want to book.

Step 4: Who is booking the appointment?

This step identifies the individual who is doing the booking.  This is not always the same person attending the appointment.  The client is presented with the option of either logging into an existing Patient Portal account in order to quickly book the appointment.  If they do not have an account, they can simply enter their information and an account will be created.

Step 5: For whom is the appointment being booked?

This step identifies the person the appointment is being booked for.  This can be the same as the person who is doing the booking, or it could be someone else.  This step ensures that you know who the appointment is for, not only who did the booking.  Once specified, these details get added to the Patient Portal account for quick access in future bookings.

Step 6: Confirming the Booking

When a client has complete the above steps, they will see a summary of their booking details, and then can click on a “book appointment” button to do the booking.  After this, they are directed to a successful booking screen, where they may be directed to complete their intake forms, if available.

Booking Confirmation Screen

Booking Confirmation Screen