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Release Notes May 13th 2019


  • New Application Header Bar design. Learn More.
  • Search functionality added to header


  • New Pelvic Floor SmartForm Added
  • Additional questions added to General Overview section

SOAP Charts

  • Fixed bug where all diagnoses created were being saved as ICD-10 diagnoses instead of the selected diagnoses.
  • Retroactively fixed all user-created diagnoses in the system to reflect the current diagnosis type (ie, simple, TCM, or ICD-10)
  • Added 3 new questions to the IV therapy template in SOAP charts.
    • Has patient been screened for MRSA resistant strains? (Y/N)
    • Physical exam completed in first visit / prior visit. (checkbox)
    • Patient was monitored throughout the IV treatment, and vitals were assessed periodically. (checkbox)