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Integrating with Active Campaign

Great news! You are now able to manage patient email lists in Outsmart through Active Campaign!

What is Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is an email marketing software that allows you to create and manage email lists so that you can automate your email sending process to your patients.

How to integrate your OutSmart account with Active Campaign

Note, you must already have an Active Campaign account to integrate. If you do not have an account with Active Campaign, you can use the link below to go to the site and register.

ActiveCampaign – #1 Customer Experience Automation Platform

Once you have registered with Active Campaign, simply log into the account and go to Settings and select Developer from the list. Under developer, copy the URL and API key.

From your OutSmart account, go to the office page and select Remote Services. Paste the URL and API keys under the respective slots under the “Active Campaign” slot.

NOTE: Only Owner practitioners and Admin staff will have access to “Active Campaign”. Invited practitioners will not have this function in thier account.

Creating Email Lists through Active Campaign.

Email lists are created within Active Campaign. To create a list go to Active campaign and select the list icon on the right-hand pane. On the list page, select the Add List button in the right-hand corner. From there, you will be able to add pre-populated lists or create custom lists.

Managing Active Campaign lists in OutSmart.

Once you create your lists in Active Campaign you can manage them through your OutSmat account. You can manually add patients to email lists from the demographic section of the patient workspace.

Click the drop-down for the available email lists that the patient can be added to.

You can also add and remove selected Events in the Event manager to email lists. When patients book the specific Event they will be automatically added to the list. You can also remove Events from email lists in the Event manager.

Note: You must be using calendar 2.0 to access these options.