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Release Notes February 27th 2020

Calendar v2

  • Fixed issue causing mini-calendar to cut off before the last week of a six week month.
  • Fixed issue causing the recurring series to render events when they’re supposed to be excluded.
  • Fixed issue causing deleted background events to still appear on the calendar.
  • Fixed issue causing events to not update with the new color applied to their event type.
  • Updated mobile experience: The date picker has been moved out of the sidebar. You can now access it by tapping on the date above the calendar.
  • Updated search: Search now includes deleted and cancelled events.
  • Updated event form: For clinics that have more than one practitioner, when an admin creates a new event, the practitioner field will have no default.
  • Updated popup and extended summary: The “create new Smart Chart” action has been removed for admins.
  • Updated popup and extended summary: Actions available for deleted events has been adjusted to match what is appropriate for a deleted event.
  • Updated events: Events now use their height to determine when to switch between their templates.
  • Added options to filter your event search by event status and whether or not to include deleted events.
  • Added visuals to search results when performing a new search.
  • Added client workspace link to patient’s name in event popup and extended summaries.
  • Added event’s id to the action drop down in popup and extended event summary.


  • Added navigation buttons to Daily Schedule Admin Card to allow access to view from other days.


  • Fixed issue causing downloaded documents to lose their original file type.


  • Updated account registration form now includes additional genders.

Smart Charts

  • Added ability to search with the Ctrl+F hotkey.
  • Added Ropivacaine as an anesthetic in the Injections section