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Release Notes July 27th 2021

Patient Import

  • Updated patient import to include the ability to import patient categories / labels.


  • Added a refresh button to the calendar. This can help in clinic with multiple administrative staff working on the calendar at the same time. Click the refresh button before making a booking will update the calendar immediately. Otherwise, the default refresh delay is 10 seconds.
  • Added a calendar preference to include a “warning” pop-up when dragging and dropping events in the calendar. This will help reduce accidental event moves in the calendar.

Lab Management

  • Added a fully featured lab management tool to the patient workspace, to allow tracking for labs received and sent. This feature is currently only available to our test clinic group.


  • Bug fix to allow admins to see ingredients of blends if the practitioner has enabled this in their charting settings.


  • Changed the printed invoice title from “Official Invoice” to “Official Receipt” for invoices that were paid in full. Also added a “PAID” stamp to those invoices.
  • Invoice print template were improved with regards to spacing between the logo and clinic information, and overall structure.