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Invoicing FAQ

Can I add more than one payment method on a client invoice?

Yes – just click on the “plus” button at the bottom left of the payment methods list to add more payment methods.

In order to add more Payment Methods to a single invoice, all you need to do is click on the “plus” button at the bottom left of the Payment Methods list to add more payment methods:

Adding multiple payment methods to an invoice.

Adding multiple payment methods to an invoice.

I overcharged a client in their invoice. What do I do?

If you have overcharged a client in their invoice, and they have paid you and left the clinic, you can make the adjustment in your invoice and refund the difference to Store Credit.  This will allow the patient to use the refund toward their next purchase.

An overcharge will occur if you accidentally create an invoice with a balance payable that is higher than what was supposed to have been paid by the client.  If the client is still in front of you, then you can simply adjust or delete the invoice and start over.  But what do you do if the client has paid you and left?

1. Add a “Product” called “Overcharge” to your dispensary product list.  Once you create this item, you will be able to add it to invoices.

2. Go to the incorrect invoice, and add the “Overcharge” item to your list of items sold to the patient. Then correct the items and prices on the invoice so that the Unit Price for the item “Overcharge” matches how much the patient was overcharged.  This will result in an invoice where the total balance of the invoice matches what the patient actually paid, but it also includes the overcharge as a line item in the invoice.

3. Create a refund, and refund the item “Overcharge” back to the patient in the form of a store credit.  You can see how to create refunds here.

Now the patient will have a store credit which can be used at their next appointment.

How do I enter my Business Tax Number?

If you want your Business Tax Number to show up on your invoices, you will need to include this as part of the name of your tax in the Dispensary.  To set up your taxes, you can look at this help file.

  1. Go to your dispensary, and click on the Dispensary Settings menu at the top of the page.
  2. Select Tax Rates.
  3. If you have no taxes set up, click on the “+” button at the top right of the tax table, and create a new tax.  If you do have teted set up, find the tax that you want to edit and click on the edit button for that tax.
  4. In the tax editing page, add your Business Tax Number in the tax name field.  For example, if you have “HST” as a tax rate name, then you would make it “HST – 123456789RT001”
  5. Save your changes.

That’s it!  Now your Business Tax Number will show up on invoices wherever that tax is charged.

How to I e-mail an invoice to my clients?

You can e-mail an invoice to your clients from the invoice editor.  When you finish creating an invoice, click on the “Save and Send” button at the bottom of the invoice editor to send your invoice.  You will get a chance to set a subject line and a message before the e-mail is sent.

The Save and Send button will allow you to send your invoice via e-mail.

The Save and Send button will allow you to send your invoice via e-mail.

How do I change the patient on an invoice?

In order to change the patient associated with an invoice, you will first need to open the invoice in editing mode.  If you happen to have the invoice in a print view, click on the “return to invoice” button at the top left to go back to editing mode.

Once there, click on the patient drop-down list at the top left of the invoice and change the patient.  Next, click on the Billing Address drop-down, and select the patient’s billing address.

Now you can click on save at the bottom, and the patient associated with the invoice will be changed.

Can I export my invoices to Quickbooks?

We have often been asked whether or not OutSmart EMR has the ability to export patient invoices into Quickbooks format.  In our research, we have found that storing your individual patient invoices in the same system as your general business financials could be a major patient privacy risk.

Since your general financial records are used by your bookkeeper and/or your accountant to file your taxes and prepare your business financial reports, they are all able to see who your patients are, what services they have seen you for, when they have been to your clinic, and what products they have purchased from you.  This information is actually supposed to be private.  The services and dates that a patient has been to your clinic are privileged pieces of information, and allowing your bookkeeper or accountant to see this information could result in a major security risk for you.

For this reason, we do not export patient invoices into any format that can be automatically imported into an accounting system.  Instead, OutSmart EMR provides detailed reports that can be used to keep your accounting systems up to date with a single General Journal entry.  You could generate a monthly report, for example, and create a single summary entry into your quickbooks.  This would make your accountant’s job a lot easier and satisfy all requirements to keep your books up to date.  All without releasing a single piece of confidential patient information.