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Reports FAQ

Why does my Payment Report not match my Sales Report?

If the totals on your Payment Report do not match the totals on any of your Sales Reports, don’t panic!  This is normal, and here’s why.

The Payment report is intended to show you all the payments that have been received by your clinic within a specific time range.  For example, a Payment Report for today will show you all payments made at your clinic today.

A Sales Report (like a Category Sales Report, Product Sales Report, Invoice Report, Customer Sales Report, etc) will show you all the sales you have made today.  Sales are based on the Invoice Total, i.e. what you have billed your patient.

Now, if you have billed your patient $100 today, and they only paid tomorrow, then your Sales Report will show that you had $100 of sales today, but your Payment Report will show $0 coming in today.

This is why these two reports cannot be directly compared – they serve completely different purposes.