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Processing Credit Cards

Setup Payment Processing

OutSmart is partnered with Moneris for payment processing.  This means that you must have a Moneris Merchant Account in order to process payments through OutSmart.  If you already have a Moneris account, that’s great, it will speed things up.  If not, we can help you set one up with them so that it is properly linked to OutSmart.

Note: You cannot use your existing Moneris account with OutSmart without first contacting us to get it setup correctly.

Here are the steps involved to get started with Payment Processing through OutSmart:

  1. Contact OutSmart Technical Support to register for a Moneris Account, or get your current account registered with us.
  2. A Moneris representative will contact you to correctly setup your Moneris Merchant Account.  OutSmart does not charge any additional fees for the use of our payment processing service, and your contract for payment processing is directly with Moneris.  Your Moneris rep will give you all the details on processing fees for your account.  Important: make sure you contact us first to set up your Moneris account.  If you contact Moneris directly to create your account, they will not know how to connect your Merchant Account to OutSmart.
  3. Once your Merchant account is created you will get login details to your online Moneris Merchant Account.  You can use these login details to get your Store IDand Moneris API Key.  You will need these 2 pieces of information to finish your account setup.
  4. Insert your Store ID and API Key into your OutSmart Dispensary Configuration, and you’re good to go!

Link your Moneris account to OutSmart

Important:  Do not proceed with the steps outlined in this article without first contacting us to set up your Moneris account.  If you have already contacted us and have received the green light to go ahead, then continue with the following configuration.

How To Configure Your OutSmart Dispensary For Payment Processing Through Moneris

  1. Go to your dispensary by opening the Main Navigation Menu and clicking on Dispensary Login.  Only a practitioner who has created a dispensary can setup payment processing for that dispensary.  Admin staff will not have this ability.
  2. Click on the Dispensary Settings menu item at the top of the dispensary page, and then select Moneris Settings.  This will open up the configuration page for Moneris.
  3. Enter the Store ID provided to you by Moneris.  For Canadian accounts, this will likely start with a series of letters and be followed by numbers.
  4. Enter the API key that is provided in your Online Moneris Merchant Resource Center.  You can login to your Moneris Merchant Resource Center account by going to https://www3.moneris.com/mpg/index.php.  Once logged in, go to the Admin menu and click on Store Settings.  Your API key will be located at the top of the Store Settings page.
  5. Once you enter the API key into the OutSmart Settings for your Moneris account, click on the Save button to save your settings.
  6. That’s it!  Your Moneris account is configured, and you can now start processing payments through our system.

Configuring your Moneris settings.

Configuring your Moneris settings.

Charting a client’s credit card

Once you have configured your merchant account in OutSmart, you can now charge your client’s credit cards from an Outsmart Invoice.

Important:  Do not proceed with the steps outlined in this article without first contacting us to set up your Moneris account.  If you have already contacted us and have received the green light to go ahead, and have then properly configured your account, you can read on about payment processing.

How To Process Payments In OutSmart

You can process a client’s credit card right from an OutSmart Invoice:

1. Create a complete invoice for your client.  You can read this article to learn how to create an Invoice in OutSmart.

2. Once you have created the invoice, in the Payments area, you must select one of the Credit Card options available as the payment method.  Once you select one of these credit card options, a Process payment with OutSmart button will appear.  Click on that button to open the Payment Processing Window.

Select credit card and a process payment button will appear.

Select credit card and a process payment button will appear.

3. In the Payment Processing Window, enter your client’s details.  Make sure to include the credit card number without spaces, and the expiry date in the format MMYY, without spaces or slashes.  You can click on the Use Billing Address From Invoice button to copy the patient’s name and postal code from the invoice.  When you are done, click on the Send Request button to process the payment.

Enter the card information.

Enter the card information.

Card Processing Results

Once you click on the send request button, the card will be processed, and either the charge will fail, or it will succeed.  If the charge succeeds, the payment window will disappear and the invoice will update with a reference number.  Once this happens, the charge cannot be modified on the invoice again, as it has already been processed.

Successful Transaction

Successful Transaction

If a charge fails however, then the error message will be displayed in the Payment Processing window.  You should then verify the card details again.  A charge might fail if the card number is wrong, the expiry or CVV code is inaccurate, or the Postal Code does not match the billing address for the card.  Once you check the details, try again.

If the card still fails, then the client’s card cannot be charged.  If you feel that the card is ok, then it may be that your Moneris Configuration Settings are faulty.  Check your settings again, and ensure that you have the proper Store ID and API Key configured.

What is a CVD, CSC, or CVC?

A card security code, also known as a CVD, CSC, or CVC code, is a term for a security feature for “card not present” payment card transactions instituted to reduce the incidence of credit card fraud.

This security code is located on the back your credit card, usually next to the signature area.

Sample of CVV code

Sample of CVV code