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Google Calendar

Setting Up Google Calendar Sync

Basic information from the SmartND OutSmart Calendar can be synced with Google Calendar.  Because of privacy and security considerations, the only information that is passed along to Google Calendar is the type of event (i.e. First Visit, Follow-up, etc) and the time of the event.  All other information is kept solely within the Outsmart Calendar.

If you are reading this article because you are having problems with the sync to Google Calendar, start by disconnecting your OutSmart calendar from Google Calendar, and then reconnect them using the steps outlines in this article.

Note: Only events added to Outsmart after connecting your OutSmart Calendar to the Google Calendar will appear in the Google Calendar.

Important: If you already have a connection to Google Calendar, disconnect it first before continuing.

Enable The Google Calendar Extension

The Google Calendar extension can be enabled from your Personal Profile.  Click on your initials at the top right of the interface, and then click on My Profile.  This will open your Personal Profile page.

SmartND OutSmart Go To Profile

Click on My Profile to access your personal profile.

Now click on the tab called Remote Services. This will open the configuration page for various remote services that are attached to your account.  The remote services you have access to may vary depending on the type of OutSmart account you have.

SmartND OutSmart Remote Services

Click on the Remote Services tab to access settings for various 3rd party services.

Find the Google Calendar Service, and look for the green + button in the right-most column.  If you see a red x button instead, this means that you already have a connection active between the OutSmart Calendar and Google Calendar.  Disconnect this first before continuing.  Now click on the green + button.

SmartND OutSmart Add Remote Service

Click the green ‘plus’ button to add a remote service connection

Once you do this, a new window will open up and ask you to log into your google account.  Follow the prompts to connect your account.  Once you have completed all the steps indicated, you can return to OutSmart.  The Google Calendar connection is complete.

Note that you will not see the new OutSmart Calendar appear in the Google Calendar until you create your first event in the OutSmart Calendar after the connection to Google Calendar has been completed according to the steps laid out above.

Disconnecting OutSmart from Google Calendar

Disconnecting the link between your OutSmart Calendar and your Google Calendar can be done in a few easy steps.  Once you break this link, it can be recovered by re-connecting the calendars again.

Disable The Google Calendar Extension

Find the Google Calendar Service using the same instructions described above, in the setup process, and look for the red x button in the right-most column.  If you see a green + button instead, this means that you do not have a connection active between the OutSmart Calendar and Google Calendar.  If you’d like to create a link, follow the steps in this article.

Click the red ‘x’ button to remove a remote service connection.

Click the red ‘x’ button to remove a remote service connection.


Click on the red x button to immediately disconnect Google Calendar from from OutSmart.  Once this is done, OutSmart will no longer send your events to your Google Calendar.

Very Important Last Step!

The last step is to log in to your Google Account and delete the Calendar from your list of available calendars.  This is an important step.  If you do not delete your OutSmart calendar from your Google account, the next time you connect the two calendars you will end up with a duplicate set of OutSmart calendars.

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click Settings.
  3. At the top of the page, click the Calendars tab.
  4. Click the name of the calendar.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Permanently delete this calendar.

Once this is done, if you want to reconnect your Outsmart Calendar with Google Calendar, follow the initial setup instructions above.