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Release Notes March 30th, 2020

OutSmart Meet Telemedicine

  • You now have the option to designate an event as an “OutSmart Meet” event. This will have the effect of adding the OutSmart Meet link to all e-mail reminders sent out about the appointment. So if you have reminders enabled for that appointment, the patient will get the link automatically with their reminder, and you do not need to send it manually any longer. The option to send the link manually will remain however, in case you need it.

Telus Integration

  • We are in the final stages of adding Telus Health direct billing into the system. You may see some Telus enabled insurance providers listed in the Patient Workspace insurance section. You can feel free to start adding information about your patient’s insurance there, in anticipation of the direct billing release.


  • Updated the Patient List report with additional filters to find patients based on their last appointment, and to filter by status of the last appointment. This will allow for reports like a “patient cancellation” report, which can be used to get a list of patients whose last appointment was cancelled without rebooking.
  • New: Patient Appointment Report. This new report will allow you to generate a list of appointments that match specific filters like date range, status, location, practitioner, patient, etc.


  • Adjusted which practitioner’s signature will show up on prescriptions.
    • When logged in as admin, a printed prescription will have the signature of the practitioner who created the prescription, or the last practitioner who updated the prescription.
    • When logged in as a practitioner, a printed prescription will have your own signature on it if it was a prescription created or updated by you. You will not have access to printing prescriptions created or updated by other practitioners.