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Notifications FAQ

Why is my client not getting my e-mails notifications?

There are a number of reasons why a client may not get an e-mail or e-mail notification from our system:

  • Emails are not sent if if the patient has an invalid e-mail address, or no e-mail address specified in their client record.
  • Reminder Emails are not sent the particular event that has been booked has no auto-reminder rules set up.
  • If the patient unsubscribed to e-mail notifications, then they would no longer be able to receive e-mails from us in accordance with spam laws.
  • Lastly, a reminder might go to spam on it own, or might be blocked by the recipient’s e-mail service provider if they feel it is spam.

We can narrow down why a particular reminder was not sent if more information is needed.  Please contact support if you wish us to investigate a specific incident.

Do confirmation e-mails go out automatically when I book a patient?

When patient book appointment online, the Confirmation E-mail is sent to them automatically. This is the e-mail that confirms the booking and contains links to the intake forms, attached documents, etc.

Note that the confirmation e-mail will be sent to the patient, but will also be CC’ed to the practitioner and the office.  If you do not want to receive these carbon-copies of the e-mail, you can use filters in your e-mail inbox to automatically delete or archive these copies that are sent to you.

When you book the appointment manually into the Calendar, then you need to send the Confirmation E-mail manually as well. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Book the appointment into your calendar and click on save.
  2. When the appointment shows up in your Calendar, move your mouse cursor over the ‘i’ icon at the top left of the event in your calendar, and then click on the “Envelope” icon in that little information bubble that pops up.
  3. The Confirmation E-mail will be sent, and you will notice the indicators on the Appointment in the Calendar will display that a Confirmation E-mail was sent.

How do I edit my custom Appointment Confirmation Message?

Your confirmation message could be set in 2 places – the Event Manager, or the Online Booking Preferences.

There are only 2 places where your Confirmation Message can be customized:  1) in the Event Type Manager, and 2) in the Global Confirmation Message section of the Online Booking Preferences page.

Access to custom confirmation messages is through the calendar event manager and online booking options.

Access to custom confirmation messages is through the calendar event manager and online booking options.

Note, both the Event Manager and the Online Booking Preferences are accessible from the Calendar – open your calendar and click on the “gear” icon at the top right, and then select either Event Manager or Online Booking Preference.

Here is how you can edit your message:

  1. Go to your Event Manager and look for the specific Event Type for which you want to customize your message.  Edit the Event Type, and edit the text displayed in the Confirmation Message box.
  2. Go to your Online Booking Preferences page, and check at the bottom left where the Global Confirmation Message is set.  You can edit your message here as well.

When Is The Global Confirmation Message Sent?

The Global Confirmation Message will be sent for any event that does not have it’s own Confirmation Message.  So if you do not specify a Confirmation Message for a specific event, the Global Confirmation Message will be sent.  It’s like a default message.