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IV Therapy Charting

The IV Template

OutSmart has a sophisticated IV Therapy template which you can use to drastically speed up your IV charting. You can create recipes and protocols that are available to all practitioners in your clinic, and you can copy past protocols and recipes from any patient chart. Here is a quick overview of the IV Therapy template.

The IV Therapy Template is part of the PRO Charting subscription.

Printing IV Bag Labels

You can print IV Bag labels by clicking on the ‘Print Bag Label’ button under the IV Recipe Ingredients List.

Click on Print Bag Label to produce a formatted label for printing on regular printers or thermal label printers.

IV Bag Label Options

The printable IV labels has a few options of label sizes, as well as an option to enter an expiry date.

The printable IV Bag Label has a few options for sizes, and an expiry date field.

When you choose a label size, or enter an expiry date, both of these options are saved as a preference in your account, so that the next time you print an IV label, it will automatically load up in the format and with the expiry date you last selected.

The available label sizes are:

  • 2-3/4″ x 2-1/8″ – Dymo 30258 labels, good for smaller bags and less than 10 ingredients.
  • 4″ x 6″ – Good for more than 10 ingredients
  • half-page – Good for printing on a regular printer.
There are a few options for label sizes.