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Nutrichem Prescriptions

OutSmart is please to have partnered with Nutrichem Compounding Pharmacy to provide our clients with easy access to a Canadian leader in pharmaceutical compounding and professional line supplements. You can access more information about Nutrichem on their website.

Here is a short video showcasing their facility.

Nutrichem’s state-of-the-art compounding facility in Ottawa, Ontario

How to get a precription filled with Nutrichem

Step 1: Create The Prescription

The first step in sending a prescription to Nutrichem for fulfillment is to create the prescription recommendation in your Smart Chart. To do this add a product section to your Smart Chart, and then select Nutrichem Compounding Pharmacy as your dispensary.

Procedure to get access to recommendations from the Nutrichem Dispensary

Once you have selected the Nutrichem dispensary, you can browse what’s available by clicking on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon to the right of the dispensary list.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to browse Nutrichem’s available products.

If you already know exactly what you are looking for, you can do a quick search and select by clicking on the “Select Products” drop down and typing in a few letters of the product or substance you are looking for. When you do this, you will also have access to pre-formatted prescription protocols suggested by Nutrichem. (Note, in order to get access to Nutrichem’s protocols, you need to turn on this preference in your chart settings. See further below on how to do that.)

You can search through a list of available pharmaceuticals, supplements, or pre-made protocols.

Once you are done creating your prescription, it will look something like this:

A completed prescription.

Step 2: Fax Prescription to Nutrichem

When you fax a prescription to Nutrichen, a Nutrichem pharmacist will contact the patient, review the prescription with them, and arrange for shipping or pickup.

Faxing a prescription to Nutrichem is easy. OutSmart provides a free prescription fax service for all our subscribers. Once you access the print view for your prescription from your Smart Chart, Patient Workspace, or Express Checkout card on the dashboard, you can choose to fax individual prescriptions, or a group of them at a time. See the link above to get more information on how to access the print view and select prescriptions to fax.

Once you have chosen which prescriptions to fax out, you are then presented with the fax interface.

The prescription faxing interface.

In the fax interface, you can select the fax account to fax the Rx from. Whether or not you have a fax subscription with OutSmart, you will always be able to choose the “OutSmart EMR Fax” account to fax a prescription. Next, you can click on the “Recipient” drop down list, and select Nutrichem Compounding Pharmacy. This will auto-load all the information needed. You can also choose to add comments to the fax cover page if you like.

When you are done, click on Send Fax, and the fax will be sent out to Nutrichem. Note that it may take several minutes for the fax to be properly digitized and sent out. You can check the progress of your fax request from the Documents section of your account.

Nutrichem Supplement and Prescription Protocols

Nutrichem’s pharmacists have provided a list of common prescription protocols which will save you a lot of charting time. You can gain access to these protocols by turning on that preference in your chart settings. Here is how you can do that.

Click on the Main Navigation Menu, and then click on Smart Charts. On the Smart Charts page, click on the “Settings” tab at the top to see your charting preferences and settings.

Look for the Online Dispensary settings, and click on “yes” for the preference to see protocols suggested by online dispensaries.

You can turn on protocol suggestions from your Chart Settings page.