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Scheduling FAQ

How do I make my calendar / schedule private?

You can adjust the privacy settings for your calendar from the Calendar Options bar, to the left of your calendar.

Your calendar and schedule will always be visible and editable by your admin staff – however, in multi-practitioner clinics, you might want your calendar to be hidden from other practitioners at the clinic.  You can set this up with the Calendar Visibility option.

The Calendar Visibility option is available from within the Calendar Module.  Open up your calendar by clicking on the Calendar Icon at the top right of the OutSmart interface.  When the calendar is open, you’ll see the Calendar Options bar to the left of the calendar.  Look for the settings called Calendar Visilibity.

Setting the Visibility to Office means that all practitioners in the office can view your calendar.  Setting it to Private means that it will be hidden.  Note, it is not recommended that you set your calendar to Private if you are sharing rooms with another practitioner.  If you do so, they will not see your appointments and as a result, might double book with you in a room that you share with them.

Calendar privacy setting

Calendar privacy setting

How can I hide cancelled events in my Calendar?

Cancelled events can be hidden from view with the ‘Event Visibility’ preference in the Calendar Options Bar.

If you find that your cancelled events are cluttering up your calendar view, you can hide them from sight without deleting them by using the ‘Event Visibility’ Preference.  Hiding cancelled events is better than deleting them outright, because it will maintain your event history, in case you want to track your client’s cancelled events.

To hide or show cancelled events, use the Event Visibility Preference located in the Calendar Options Panel, located to the left of the OutSmart Calendar.

Hide cancelled events.

Hide cancelled events.

How do I change the patient on a Calendar Event?

If you need to change a patient on a calendar event, simply find the event in the calendar, and click on it to open the Event Editor.  Once you have the event editor open, you can then click on the patient drop-down and change this to another patient.  Then click on “save” at the bottom to save the event.  Do not click on “Save and Send” unless you intend to send the new patient a confirmation for that appointment.