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Release Notes October 4th 2019

SOAP Charts

  • Fixed issue that prevented the creation of a recipe in the IV and Injections section of SOAP charts, IF a protocol was created first, before the recipe.  This fix will now allow you to create a recipe in those sections if you were previously seeing an error message that indicated there was a dispensary mismatch when attempting to create a recipe from a previously created protocol.
  • SOAP Chart lists in the main Smart Charts page as well as the Patient Workspace have been updated to include the last modified date for the chart.
  • Adjusted the wording for pharmaceutical prescriptions.
  • Recipes created by any practitioner in an office are now visible to all practitioners in that office in the Product, IV, and Injection sections of the SOAP charts.

Patient Workspace

  • A timezone issue that was causing the Medical Charts list in the Patient Workspace to display the incorrect time has been fixed.
  • Added ingredient list and quantities for blends in the Medical Summary to make it easier to see the ingredients in your prescribed blends.

Smart Forms

  • Corrected some typos in the General Health History form.
  • Added questions about gender and preferred pronouns to the General Overview section of Smart Forms
  • Added questions regarding Activities of Daily Living to the Work and Lifestyle section of the Smart Forms