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Subscription Types

Community Subscription


Calendar Plus Subscription


Basic Charting Subscription


PRO Charting Subscription


Student Subscription


Maintenance Subscription

A Maintenance subscription, also called “Maintenance Mode”, is  a low-cost subscription that allows you to suspend your regular monthly billing in favor for a lower-cost monthly charge in case you are not going to be using your account for at least 3 months.

Maintenance mode allows you to access all your information, documents, charts, etc, with the only restriction being that you cannot use the paid portions of the system, like uploading documents, or creating new medical charts.  But if all you need is a “view-only” access, then Maintenance mode is what you want.  There are restrictions, however:

  1. Maintenance mode cannot be used for periods shorter than 3 months.
  2. Terminating maintenance mode earlier than 3 months after having set that up will result in the full charge of the regular subscription being added to the account.

The above restrictions are important to note because maintenance mode is only intended for extended absences, or retirement of the account.  It is not intended to be used for things like vacations, holidays, and other short-term events which may result in your absence from using your OutSmart Account.

Full Subscription Cancellations

There is no cost to cancelling your account with OutSmart, and you can do so at any time.  A cancelled account will only have access to the data within it for a short time before it is archived and/or deleted, based on your request.  You must request an export of your data from a cancelled account within 3 months of cancelling the account.  Requests for data export made after 3 months of cancellation may incur a charge.  When you cancel your account, your account will revert to a free account where you will be able to use the free portions of our system.

Short Term Subscription Cancellation (Less Than 3 Months)

We do not have any options for short-term cancellations.  The monthly fees that are paid to OutSmart cover the cost of maintaining your account, support requests, and ongoing development of the system.  Cancelling and reactivating your account over short periods of time is a major drain on the efficiency of our support staff, and will incur no benefit to you as your regular subscription price will be billed to you when you re-activate the account.

If you wish to change your subscription to “Maintenance”, or to cancel your subscription altogether, please contact our technical support staff for assistance.