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Release Notes March 12th, 2020

Smart Charts

  • We’ve added the ability to browse the dispensary from the Products section of Smart Charts. This includes the ability to search for supplements based on ingredients, conditions, manufacturer, and name.
  • We’ve added a “view more details” button to the Products section of Smart Charts to allow you to see more information about the product you have selected.


  • We’ve added the ability for you to upload an image of your product, which will appears in the SOAP chart Dispensary Browser, and More Details areas.


  • We’ve updated the Booking Trends card to now include any inactive events in it’s summary. This includes cancelled events, rescheduled events, no-shows, etc.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Express Checkout card was not loading for some Admin accounts in certain situations.


  • We’ve added some Quick Action buttons to the Event Details Pop-up to allow faster access to creating Smart Charts, accessing the Patient Workspace, checking in a patient, or cancelling the event.
  • We’ve added the day of the week to the header for the calendar in mobile views. The date will now read “Wed Mar 11, 2020” instead of just “Mar 11, 2020”.
  • We’ve removed the ability to create a new patient during event creation without a practitioner first being selected. It’s important to select a practitioner before creating a patient in order to properly link that new patient with a practitioner.