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Email Notification Templates

Here is a view of various the various Email Notification templates which will be sent out to your clients via e-mail for Appointment Confirmations, Reminders, SmartForms, etc.

Appointment Confirmation Email:

The appointment confirmation email is a single e-mail if you do not have any custom message or attachments to send to a patient.  If you have included a custom message, Smart Forms, or attachments to your confirmation package, then two e-mails will be sent.  The first one will be a booking confirmation, and the second will include the additional custom information and attachments for the patient.

First Appointment Confirmation Email

Second Appointment Confirmation Email, if there is a custom message, Smart Forms, or document attachments included in your confirmation package.

Appointment Reminder Email:

The appointment reminder e-mail is a system e-mail.  It cannot be configured with a custom message, and is intended to be a basic e-mail to remind your client of an upcoming event.

Appointment Reminder Emails

Appointment Cancellation Email

This e-mail will be sent to patient upon cancelling their appointment.  They will get it automatically if they cancel their appointments online through the Patient Portal.  If you cancel the appointment manually in your calendar, then you must click to send a Confirmation Message AFTER the event has been marked as cancelled and saved.  Sending a confirmation message when an appointment is marked as cancelled will send this email.

Example of an Appointment Cancellation notification

SmartForm Access Code:

A SmartForm Access Code email will be sent to your client when you directly send them a SmartForm from your account.  This e-mail will contain all the information they require in order to create and log into their account, and redeem the access code to obtain their SmartForm Questionnaire.

Smart Forms assignment notification

Medical Records Access Codes:

The Medical Records Access Code email is sent to your patients when you generate an access code for them and then choose to send this to them via e-mail.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not send the access code via e-mail, due to security issues with regular e-mail accounts.  Some regulatory boards will also not allow e-mails to be used to communicate such sensitive information.  It is recommended instead that you always print the Medical Records access codes for your clients.  But in the event that you choose to send this via e-mail, here is what that would look like.  Here are some instructions on what to do if your client’s e-mail address is compromised.

Example of a Medical Records Access Code notification.

Patient Portal Instructions

The Patient Portal Instructions template can be appended to the end of all your e-mails.  If you use the Patient Portal consistently, then it may be a good idea to set your preferences so that it is appended to all e-mails, to provide your clients easy access to the portal when they receive notifications from you.

Optional Patient Portal information can be appended to the end of your notifications to help your patients access the portal.

Show or hide the Patient Portal information that is appended to Email Notifications

If you do not use SmartForms, Online Booking, Document Sharing, or any other features of the Patient Portal, then you can turn off the information about the Patient Portal that is appended to every outgoing e-mail which is sent to your clients from OutSmart.  Here is how you can do that.

  1. Go to you My Profile page by clicking on your initials at the top right of the interface, and then clicking on My Profile.
  2. Once there, click on the Preferences Tab.
  3. Set your preference for the Patient Portal Instructions.

Patient Portal information preferences

Patient Portal information preferences