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PRO Charting Features

Medical Summary

The Medical Summary provides an glimpse into the impact of using PRO vs Basic charting.  When using PRO charting, All the information you enter into the system is categorized according to date and time.  Some pertinent information is then summarized in the Medical Summary area of the Client Workspace.  The summary will be automatically updated as more information is added to a patient’s subsequent charts.  If products or discontinued, or diagnoses are resolved, these items will be also automatically removed from the Medical Summary.  As a result, the Medical Summary will end up being your go to preview of a patient’s current medical situation.

Using headings will help you create summary information in the Patient Workspace.

Using headings will help you create summary information in the Patient Workspace.

Retrospective Research

Retrospective research is something that the use of PRO charting enables, without your need to do anything except create your charts.  After a few months to a few years of charting, you may want to look through all your medical charts and try to answer certain questions.  For example, you may wish to know something as simple as hoe many patients you have seen who have complained of IBS.  You could also ask something as complex as “How many patients with IBS have I treated with a specific supplement and acupuncture combination who have had an improvement in their symptoms within 3 to 4 months”.  Generally speaking, if you can formulate a clear and concise question then our system can provide you that answer.

If you are interested in getting started with retrospective research, contact our team and we will set you up with a team member who will be able to assist in running these research reports.

Advanced Sections

PRO charting comes with a multitude of advanced charting template, carefully crafted for their specific purpose.  Here are some examples.

Portion of a Chiropractic Pediatric Exam

Portion of a Chiropractic Pediatric Exam

portion of the Acupuncture section.

portion of the Acupuncture section.

portion of IV Therapy section.

portion of IV Therapy section.

Headings and Smart Lists

A SmartList is a list of sentences, paragraphs, or any text that you feel is worth saving for later use.  It’s like a canned response, and it helps to increase the efficiency and speed of your charting.  In some cases, SmartLists are directly associated with a Heading in a section. (For example, the heading ‘Headaches’ in a Chief Concern section would have a different SmartList than the heading ‘Infertility’).  In other cases, the SmartList is associated with the section in general, like in the case of an Acupuncture Section.  Additionally, not all sections have the ability to host a SmartList.  For example, the questionnaire sections provided in the Subjective do not have the abilty to host  SmartList.

A Heading can be added to some sections in the charting system, to further qualify a category or topic of interest in that section.  For example, when you add a Chief Concerns section to the Subjective Page of your chart, you can add a heading to that section called ‘Headaches’.  This will form the context for the information you type into that specific Chief Concerns section.  You can then add several more Chief Concerns sections, each with their own different headings, in order to itemize the patient’s chief concerns.

You can learn more about Headings and Smart Lists here.

Smart Protocols

Smart Protocols are considered “on level up” from Smart Lists, and “one level down” from Smart Templates.  While Smart Lists allow you to save snippets of text for re-use when charting, Smart Protocols allow you to save the configuration of entire sections.  Smart Protocols are available for the following sections:

  • Measurements
  • Products (Supplements, tinctures, pharmaceuticals, etc)
  • Acupuncture
  • IV Therapy
  • Injections

You can learn more about how to create and use Smart Protocols here.

Smart Templates

Smart Templates are “one level up” from Protocols.  While Protocols allow you to save the configuration one ONE entire section, a Smart Template will allow you to save the configuration of several sections, across the entire chart.  You can learn more about Smart Templates here.