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Release Notes January 7th 2020

Calendar 2.0

  • Fixed issue preventing the deletion of an event from recurring series of events.
  • Fixed issue in calendar day view causing event to keep changes to room and practitioner even after cancelling the edit.
  • Long confirmation messages in event types will no longer stretch the form across the entire screen.
  • Added a 5-day view option.
  • Moved all calendar view options into a single dropdown control.
  • Added new view for medium devices (large tablets/ small laptops).

Smart Forms

  • Fixed issue causing consent form to break when a large document was copied into the form.

Smart Charts

  • Updated Measurement Section file drop down to show documents related to patient on chart when no search term is provided.
  • Added Applicator and Excipient properties to the prescription section, and updated the resulting prescription text to more accurately reflect how prescriptions are written.


  • Removed the Circles tab from the Client Workspace, as this feature is being replaced and is no longer functional.

Basic Forms

  • Removed the Basic Forms tab from the Client Workspace. Existing Basic Forms can still be accessed at the bottom of your Smart Forms list.


  • Updated the registration and login page to draw patents towards the patient portal, and prevent them from creating practitioner accounts by accident.