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Release Notes February 6th 2020

Calendar v2

  • Fixed issue causing special characters in to not decode properly.
  • Fixed issue causing rooms to not load in event types form.
  • Fixed issue causing recurring events to incorrectly apply changes when saving for “this and future” and “all events”.
  • Fixed issue causing inability to delete reminder rules from event types.
  • Fixed issue causing excessive processing time when creating or updating event types with reminders.
  • Added feature to allow the calendar to passively update.


  • Fixed issue causing downloaded filenames to not match the original filename. When downloading a PDF, the downloaded file name will now match the filename in OutSmart, instead of defaulting to fileDisplay.pdf. All other file types are already downloading correctly.


  • Added additional fields to product form.


  • Added “Write-off” to payment method options.

Online Booking

  • Updated feature for Google Adwords tracking.

Smart Charts

  • Fixed Last Modified Date display in the Smart Charts page chart lists. When a date is unavailable, it will display “unavailable” instead of a date in 1969.
  • Fixed issue in Chart Settings when associating a Smart Template to an Event Type. The list now refreshes correctly when deleting an association.
  • Updated Freeform ‘Copy from History” function to append rather than replace data that is already existing in the freeform section. So now when you click on “Append Previous Notes” button, it will add the past notes to the existing notes, and will not replace the existing notes.
  • Added extra space to instructions for prescriptions to allow for longer comments.
  • Added butterfly 25G 3/4 inch to IV Needle Options
  • Added ability to choose whether or not to include signature on the prescription.


  • Fixed error caused by Date of Birth field on the registration form in the mobile site.