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How can I gain access to my medical data?

OutSmart has a Patient Portal which you can use to gain access to your medical records or an assigned Smart Form, IF you have been provided with an Access Link OR an Access Code by your practitioner.

Access Links and Access Codes for medical records are only valid for 5 days after having been issued.  If your Medical Records Access Code has expired, you will need to obtain a new one from your practitioner.

Your practitioner may send you your Access Link or Access Code via e-mail, text message, or provide you a printed instruction sheet during your visit.

Access Links can simply be clicked on to gain access to your records or an assigned Smart Form.  Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to either log into your existing Patient Portal account, or to create a new Patient Portal account.  Once you do either of these, you will see your Patient Portal Dashboard, which will be loaded with all the information that you have been granted access to.

Access Codes, on the other hand, have to be entered manually.  See this article on how to use an Access Code, if you were not given an Access Link.