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Release Notes March 18th 2019

SOAP Charts

  • Fixed some spelling and formatting errors
  • Updated IV Bag labels to include expiry date option, clinic phone number, and “Keep Refrigerated” text.
  • Fixed issue where Admin staff could not generate the Product Schedule within a patient’s Treatment Plan.

Privacy Policy

Patient Workspace

  • Fixed corner-case that caused broken links in Transaction List.
  • Change a tab name from “Patient Portal” to “Medical Access Code” to more accurately reflect the purpose of that tab. That tab specifically deals with the provision of an Access Code for patients to gain access to their medical data via the Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

  • Fixed issue where patients were unable to cancel appointments that were booked manually by an admin or a practitioner.

Office Management

  • Removing a practitioner from an office will now also remove any subscription modules assigned to that practitioner by the office owner, IF they are not being used in other offices.


  • Fixed issue where using the Share Pin to share a document with an external practitioner would not save the connection for future use.  Now, when you use the Share PIN, the practitioner that you connect to will be available to share with again without needing the use of the Share Pin every time.
  • Enhance the document list UI to allow pagination and sorting

Basic Forms

  • Main Navigation link to Basic Forms has been removed from all accounts that do not use Basic Forms.  The Basic Forms system will be retired on June 1st, 2019.