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Release Notes October 29th, 2019

Patient Management

  • Our new Patient Records Merging Tool is out!  You can now merge your duplicate patients quickly and easily.  Note that patient to practitioner and patient to clinic interconnections are complex, and we strongly recommend that you report any unusual behavior with this tool to our support staff, so that we can refine it. Learn more about our merging tool here: https://guide.outsmartemr.com/merging-or-deleting-duplicate-patient-records/

Smart Charts

  • Added 21G 3/4″ Butterfly needle to list of needles in IV Therapy section.
  • Fixed bug in IV Therapy section where a selection of 70% isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution was always reverting to 99%.  Going forward, when you select 70% solution, it will stay that way.

Basic Forms

  • Basic Forms have been removed from the system.  You will still be able to see forms submitted to you in the past, however you can no longer send out new basic forms to patients.  Note that notifications of this change have been sent out on several occasions for the last 3 years, and final removal was scheduled for March 2019.  We extended this until October 2019 to allow for comments or feedback.  Please let us know if you need help in transitioning to Smart Forms, the new version of our intake form system.