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Release Notes January 23rd, 2020

Smart Charts

  • Fixed issue causing invalid dates to appear in the “last modified” date field of the Chart List in the Patient Workspace.


  • Fixed issue in recurring events causing some events to not render correctly
  • Fixed issue in recurring events that caused the browser to lock up when event is clicked.
  • Fixed issue causing a user’s calendar shortlist from different offices to merge.
  • Fixed issue preventing shortlist from displaying default calendars for new users.
  • Updated sorting on Patient Visit History to sort from latest to oldest.
  • Added ability to change an event’s status on the popup/expanded summary.
  • Added ability to send confirmation and reminder notices to the popup/expanded summary without having to open the menu.


  • Fixed issue causing invoice printouts to print an extra page.
  • Updated guest link services to allow the SmartForms assigned to a patient to open immediately when accessing the Patient Portal via the SmartForms Guest Link.

Patient Importer

  • Updated he Patient List Importer to be fully self-serve. Now you can import your patient lists without contacting OutSmart Support – However, we do still provide import assistance if needed.