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SmartForms FAQ

How do I change the Subject Patient of a SmartForm?

In some cases, you may need to change the Subject Patient on a SmartForm Questionnaire.  The Subject Patient is the patient on whom the SmartForm contains information.

Here are a few reasons why you might need to do this:

  • The patient who filled out and submitted the questionnaire is not the patient that the questionnaire is about. (Parent filling out questionnaire for child).
  • The patient used a different account to fill the questionnaire, and now you have a duplicate patient record.
  • For some reason the Patient Record associated with the questionnaire is not the same as the Subject Patient.

Whatever the reason might be, it is important that a patient’s SmartForm is properly linked to their account so that you can find it easily and quickly when needed.

To change the Subject Patient on a SmartForm:

  1. Go to the SmartForms page by clicking on the SmartForms option in the Main Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on the name of the SmartForm that was submitted, in order to bring up a list of the submissions.
  3. Find the specific SmartForm submission that you want to change.
  4. Click on the Change Subject Patient button in the right-most Actions column. This wil bring up a Patient Selection Box.
  5. Select the correct Subject Patient, and the SmartForm will be reassigned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to change the subject patient on a form, the form must have been marked as “submitted” by the patient.  You cannot change the subject patient on a form until that form has been submitted.  Once you can see a “submitted” date for that form, you will then see the Change Subject Patient button appear.

If the form has not been submitted, you can do this yourself on behalf of the patient.  Click the “edit” button for the form and scroll to the bottom of the form.  Click on “Submit” to submit it on behalf of the patient.  Now, you will be able to see the “Change Subject Patient” button appear.

Can I show / hide follow-up questions in SmartForms?

follow-up question in a SmartForm is a question (or set of questions) that might show up when a user selects an answer to a primary question.  For example, if a patient answer “yes” to the primary question “Do you have children”, a possible follow-up question might be “How many?”.

Although you can choose to show or hide primary questions, you cannot choose to show or hide follow-up questions at this time.  So when you choose to show the primary question, you are getting the entire question, including follow-ups.

Examples of Primary and Follow-Up Questions

Examples of Primary and Follow-Up Questions

My patient did not get the SmartForm I sent them. How do I resend it?

If you sent your patient a SmartForm, but they did not receive the e-mail or cannot find it in their inbox, then the first thing to try is to re-send the form.  Here is how you can do this.

  1. Go to the SmartForms page through the Main Navigation Menu.
  2. Once there, find the form that you want to re-send to your patent.  Click on the  paper-airplane icon in the right most column and select your patient from the list.  If you have previously sent the form to the patient, it will load up some information about the form you sent to them, and a history of activity on that form.  You’ll be able to see if your patient has started the form or not.
  3. If they have not started the form yet, you can delete that assignment, and then re-send the form to them again.  They will be sent a new e-mail and a new access code.

If your patient still does not receive the form, it is possible that they may have unsubscribed to e-mails from OutSmart.  If you believe this to be the case, please contact OutSmart Technical Support.

Deleting a previous SmartForm Assignment, so that you can try to send it again.

My Patient Submitted A SmartForm But I Cannot Find It!

If your patient submitted a SmartForm but you cannot find it anywhere, here are some ways for you to track it down.

When you receive an e-mail notification that a SmartForm was submitted, you can be certain that it was indeed submitted, and it will be visible in your account, somwhere.  However, if the patient used a different name or e-mail address to create their account when they submitted the form, the form might not be where you expect it to be.

Patient Workspace

Most of time time, you might go into the Patient / Client Workspace, and look in the SmartForms tab there to see submitted SmartForms.  If the patient used the correct information to create their Patient Portal account, then this is exactly where you will find the SmartForm.

Smartforms can be viewed in the Patient Workspace.

Smartforms can be viewed in the Patient Workspace.

If you do not see any SmartForms listed as submitted here, then the next step is to go to the SmartForms page in your account, and take a look at all the recent submissions.  What has most likely happened is that the patient has created a Patient Portal account with differing information than what you had for them in your patient record.

SmartForms Page

To get to the SmartForms page, open the Main Navigation Menu and click on SmartForms.

Once here, locate your form and click on the name of the form to view all the submissions for that form.

On the SmartForms page, you can view all submissions of your Smartforms.

On the SmartForms page, you can view all submissions of your Smartforms.

Once you are viewing all the recent submissions, scan the names to see if you can find your patient’s name.  Each and every submitted form is located here, so if you know for certain that your patient submitted the form, it will definitely be in this list of submissions.

Once you find the patient’s name, check the submission column to ensure there is a date listed there.  A date listed in the submissions column confirms that a form has been submitted.

Now that you have found the form, you need to transfer it to the correct patient record so that it will show up in the proper Patient Workspace, so that you can easily find it when needed later.

To transfer the SmartForm to a different Patient Record, click on the “Change Subject Patient” button to change the record that the form is currently connected to, so that you can attach it to the proper patient record.  Note tht the “Change Subject Patient” button will only appear if the form has been Submitted.  If not, until the form has been completed and submitted by the patient, you can’t move it around.

You can change the subject patient of a SmartForm.

You can change the subject patient of a SmartForm.

Once you click on the “Change Subject Patient” button which is indicated by a person icon with an ‘x’, then you can select the correct patient and transfer the form.

Changing the subject patient of a SmartForm.

Changing the subject patient of a SmartForm.

Now the SmartForm will show up in the proper Patient Workspace, where you expect it to be.

Additional Things To Consider: Duplicate Patient Accounts

Usually, if you have to transfer a SmartForm because it was connected to the wrong record, this might mean that the patient created a Patient Portal account with information that did not match what you had on file for them.

When a Patient Portal is created under these circumstances, it can result in the creation of a new Patient Record in your account.  This is how yo might end up with duplicate records for the same patient.

To correct this, after you transfer the SmartForm to the correct account, use your Master Patient List to search for the duplicate patient account, and unlink it form your patient list.

How to attach a SmartForm to an Event / Appointment Type?

Attaching SmartForms To A Specific Event Type

Attaching a SmartForm to one of your events is probably the easiest way to disseminate your SmartForms.  Access codes will be sent automatically every time the system sends a Confirmation Email for a manual appointment booking.  If the patient books online, they will be automatically pointed to their intake forms once they complete the booking.

To attach a SmartForm Questionnaire to an Event Typesee this article on the Event Manager.  It will detail not only how to create an Event Type, but also how to manage the properties of that Event Type, including how to add SmartForm Questionnaires to it.