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Invite or Remove Practitioners And Staff

Invite Your Team To Your Office

In order to invite practitioners and staff to your office, you must have first setup your account.  Complete that step before continuing.

Inviting Practitioners and Staff to your office is done from your Office Details Page within your OutSmart account.  To get there, click on the Office option in the OutSmart Main Navigation Menu.

Click on the Office option in the Main Navigation Menu to access the Office Details Page.

When you are on the Office Details Page, click on the tab at the top called Practitioners and Staff.  This is where you can invite your additional practitioners or staff to your office.

Click on the Practitioners and Staff tab to access the invitations page.

To invite practitioners or staff to your clinic, you must send the invitation using the identical e-mail address that they will be using to create their account (or are already using for their existing account).  The left column invitation link is for inviting practitioners, and the right column link is for inviting staff.

You will also see a list of your current staff and practitioners on this page.  You can remove them from your office by clicking the Remove button next to their names.

Practitioners are listed on the left column, and administrative staff are listed on the right.

Accepting Invitations

Invited individuals will receive an email with a registration link. They must click on this registration link which will take them to our account registration page, and will automatically add a security code to the registration form. This is the only way to create an account in our system. Navigating directly to the registration page without clicking a link in the invitation email will not work to create an account.

If you have been invited to a clinic, but have not received the invitation email, check your spam to see if the email went there by accident. If so, please mark the email as “not spam” in order to avoid this in the future.

If you still cannot find the invitation email, it could be that you either already have an account in the system, or that email address is in use by another account in the system. In both of these cases, the remedy is to ask the clinic to try using a different email address to invite you, or to contact OutSmart Support and request a review of the invitation.

This invitation process is completed when the invited practitioner or staff logs in to their account and accepts the invitation.  If they are already logged in, they must log out and then back in to receive the invitation request.  Once they approve the request, they will be linked to your office.

Click Approve to accept the invitation offer.

Remove practitioners and staff from your office

To remove Staff or Practitioners from your clinic and prevent them from seeing things like your schedule or your patient list, you need to un-invite them from your clinic.  Here is how you can do this:

  1. Go to the Main Navigation Menu, and click on Office.  This will take you to the Office Details page.
  2. From the Office Details page, select the Practitioners and Staff tab.  This will show you the list of practitioners and staff currently connected to your clinic.
  3. Un-invite those you want to remove.
Removing staff or practitioners from your office.