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Release Notes February 6th 2019

Patient Workspace

  • Invoice history has been replaced with Transaction History.
  • Transaction History shows both invoices and refunds for the related patient.

Patient Lists

  • Added date of birth to the patient select lists, visible on the SOAP chart page, SmartForms, and Calendar.
  • Added OutSmart Patient ID, Custom Patient ID to the Master Patient List, and made them searchable.


  • Added “Do not reply” messages to SMS notifications for Confirmations, Reminders, and Cancellations.


  • Fixed bug where a patient was not properly associated with an external office when using the calendar to book patients into external offices.
  • Disable the “Save” button in the Event Type Editor after first click (Event Manager Area) in order to prevent multiple clicks.

Express Checkout

  • Diagnoses entered in the SOAP Chart and marked as “billable” will now appear in the Express Checkout.  They can be selected and automatically added to the memo area of an invoice.

Document Labels

  • Re-introduced the ability to filter documents by label and sub-labels

SOAP Charts

  • Print views of the SOAP charts and Treatment Plans now show the patient demographic information saved at the time the chart was last saved, as opposed to current info from the patient record.  If the patient information is out of date and needs to be updated, re-open the SOAP chart and save it again, after updating the Patient Workspace.  This will ensure historical accuracy of the information on the chart.


  • Added a new Financial report for Inventory Adjustments. This report lists all transactions made against all products in a dispensary.