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Invoicing Basics

Creating an Invoice with Express Checkout

Creating an invoice using the Express Checkout dashboard card can speed up invoice creation.  The express checkout essentially allows you to choose from a list of items recommended to the patient, or services booked by the patient, in order to automatically populate an invoice with all relevant information.  You can learn more about the Express Checkout card in this article.

Creating an Invoice from scratch

OutSmart has a full financial system to not only create client invoices, but also track inventory, create purchase orders, and generate financial reports.

Note: To create an Invoice in OutSmart, you must have a paid subscription that includes billing, or must at least be connected to a clinic which has a paid subscription that includes billing.

Invoices in OutSmart can be created from the Xpress Checkout card on the main Dashboard, or from the Dispensary’s Transactions Page.

Creating An Invoice From Xpress Checkout

OutSmart’s Xpress Checkout system can help to auto-create invoices based on the patients who are scheduled to be in your clinic on the current day.  You can learn more about how Xpress Checkout works in this article.  You can also create an invoice from scratch here by selecting the correct Dispensary Account from which to create the inovice, and then clicking on the +New button.

Creating a new invoice from the Xpress Checkout section of the Dashboard.

Creating a new invoice from the Xpress Checkout section of the Dashboard.

Creating An Invoice From The Dispensary

To create an invoice from the Dispensary, log into the Dispensary Account from which you want to create an invoice.  On the Transactions Page, click on the +New Invoicebutton to create a new invoice.

Create a new invoice from the Dispensary Transactions page.

Create a new invoice from the Dispensary Transactions page.

Changing the patient on an Invoice

In order to change the patient associated with an invoice, you will first need to open the invoice in editing mode.  If you happen to have the invoice in a print view, click on the “return to invoice” button at the top left to go back to editing mode.

Once there, click on the patient drop-down list at the top left of the invoice and change the patient.  Next, click on the Billing Address drop-down, and select the patient’s billing address.

Now you can click on save at the bottom, and the patient associated with the invoice will be changed.

Creating a Refund or Store Credit

There are a few different ways in which a Refund or Store Credit can be created in OutSmart.  This video will go over these steps.