Pre-Launch Checklist

Here is a useful pre-launch checklist to help you ensure a smooth launch of OutSmart EMR in your clinic.

Calendar Configuration

  • Have you created Event Types for every practitioner at the clinic?
    • Have you added appropriate descriptions for these event types for Online Booking?
    • Have you added Confirmation Messages for your Event Types?
      • Note that you can create Global / Default Confirmation Messages for all event types, or you can also create individual confirmation messages for each event.
    • Have you configured your auto-reminder settings for each event type?
  • Have you set up Hours Of Operation for each Practitioner?
  • Have you set up the Online Booking Preferences for each practitioner (optional)?
    • Check the minimum booking notice settings.
    • Check to see which events are enabled for online booking for each practitioner.
    • Go to your online booking pages and ensure they show up properly.
    • Add a “Book Now” button to your website so that your patients can access your online booking page.

Practitioner and Office Profiles

This checklist related to the configuration of your office and all practitioner profiles.

Dispensary Configuration