Managing Your Team’s Permissions

Setting Dispensary Access Permissions

Dispensary Access Permissions allow you to control who can access your dispensary and create invoices, manage inventories, etc.  You can give permissions to anyone within the office you are logged into.  This includes practitioners or admin staff.  If you have multiple offices, you will need to log into each of those offices in turn if you want to provide access to people who are in each of these offices.

If you restrict access to an individual, then this person will not be able to access your dispensary or select it from any menus.

How to grant access to your dispensary

Only the owner of a dispensary (the practitioner who created the dispensary in OutSmart) can set Access Permissions.  If a logged in user is not the owner, they will not even see the menu option related to Access Permissions.

To get the the Access Permissions page, go into the dispensary, click on the Dispensary Settings menu, and then click on Access Permissions.

The dispensary creator can click on “Dispensary Settings” and then “Access Permissions” to update the dispensary permissions for their admins and practitioners.

On the access permissions page, you can select a member of the clinic to add permissions.  Once you select a member of the clinic, they automatically have all permissions available.  However, you can refine those permissions as well.

You can refine a clinic member’s permissions by selecting and deselecting specific actions they are able to perform.

Revoking Access

If you want to remove access to your dispensary, then you can click on the “trash can” icon to remove access.

Click on the trash can to revoke dispensary access.