Create Your First OutSmart Dispensary

Create Your Dispensary

In OutSmart, a Dispensary is not simply for selling products.  An OutSmart Dispensary stores financial information regarding income from Services, Labs, and Products, as well as information about your products, dosages, descriptions, and recommendations.  Besides financials, the Dispensary also manages Inventory and Purchase Orders, and can serve as a POS for your clinic.

You have the option of creating either an Office Dispensary, a Personal Dispensary, or both.

What Is An Office Dispensary?

An Office dispensary is only available within a specific office, and will only be available as a choice when you are logged into that office.  In addition, other members of the Office will be able to use an Office dispensary to bill their patients.  Office Dispensaries can only be created by the Office Owner, or the Admin accounts for that Office.  The Office Owner is the practitioner who first created the Office in their OutSmart account.  An Office Dispensary is best used by an Office that has multiple practitioners that will all bill under the same business name (or plans on having multiple practitioners in the near future).

What Is A Personal Dispensary?

A Personal Dispensary is tied to you directly, and is available to you regardless of which Office you are logged into.  It is best used by practitioners who rent space in several locations and bill their clients directly.

Creating Your Dispensary

Whichever Dispensary Type you choose, they are all created from the Main Navigation Menu:

  1. Open the Main Navigation Menu and click on the Dispensary Login option.  The Dispensary submenu will open, offering you the option of creating a New Personal Dispensary, or a New Office Dispensary.

Clicking Dispensary on the Main Navigation Menu will show you the options to create a new personal or new office dispensary.

  1. Click on whichever type of dispensary you would like to create.  This will create the dispensary, and log you into it.  You will now be within the Dispensary area of OutSmart.  If you want to create another Dispensary from here, click on the Dispensary Name at the right of the Top Toolbar, and the click on Create Dispensary.

Adding additional dispensaries.

Configure Your Dispensary

There are a lot of configuration options in the Dispensary that will become more relevant as your continue using OutSmart, however in this step, we will focus on the Initial Dispensary Setup.  This involves configuring your TaxesItem Categories, and Shipping Address.

Configuring Taxes

Configuring your Taxes in the Dispensary involves setting up Tax Rates, and Tax Groups.  For example, you may have a Provincial Tax of 8% and a Federal Tax of 5%.  These are your Tax Rates.  Whenever you buy a product, you may have to pay both of these taxes on that product.  So we would create a Tax Group called ‘Taxable Goods‘, and we would add both of these Tax Rates to that Tax Group.  From now on, whenever you are selling something that is taxable, you would simply label it as a Taxable Good, and as a result, both the Provincial and Federal Tax Rates would be applied.  Here is how you can do this:

Create Tax Rates

  1. Log into your Dispensary by opening the Main Navigation Menu, and clicking on the Dispensary Login option, and then selecting the dispensary you created previously. (If you are already logged into the Dispensary, you will simple see a Dispensary option).  this will take you to your Dispensary.
  2. Click on the Dispensary Settings menu item at the top, and then select the Tax Rates option in that menu.  This will take you to the Tax Rates page.

Navigating to Tax Rates.

3. Click on the + button at the top right of the Tax Rates table to create a new Tax Rate, or click on the blue Edit button for a specific Tax Rate that you want to edit.  This will open up the Tax Rate editor, where you can create or edit a specific Tax Rate.

Add a new tax rate, or modify an existing one.

4. In the Tax Rate Editor, you can enter a Tax Name (e.g. HST), a Tax Rate (e.g. 10), and a Tax Type (e.g. percentage).  You can also enter your Business Tax Number in the Tax Name (e.g. HST – 3456798RT0001).  Click the Save button to save your changes.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to create all your Tax Rates.

Create Tax Groups

  1. Click on the Dispensary Settings menu item at the top, and then select the Tax Groups option in that menu.  This will take you to the Tax Groups page.

Navigating to tax groups.

2. Click on the + button at the top right of the Tax Groups table to create a new Tax Group, or click on the blue Edit button for a specific Tax Group that you want to edit.  This will open up the Tax Group editor, where you can create or edit a specific Tax Group.

Add or modify an existing tax group.

3. In the Tax Group Editor, you can enter a Tax Group Title (e.g. Taxable Goods), and then select and add one or more Tax Rates to the Group.  You must also enter a Description for this Tax Group (e.g. Federal and Provincial Taxes).  Click the Save button to save your changes.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to create all your Tax Groups.

Taxes can be removed from a Tax Group by clicking the red button.


Item Categories

Categories are used to organize your billable items (products and services).  It’s a good idea to think about how you want your income to be organized in the Reports you will be generating from OutSmart.  For example, you can create a category for Services, one for Supplements, and one for Labs.  If you prefer more specific reporting however, you may want to create Categories for Acupuncture Services, IV Services, Naturopathic Services, Natural Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Labs, etc.  It all depends on how detailed you need your reports to be.  Keep in mind that you can always update and change your categories later as well.

  1. Click on the Products menu item at the top, and then select the Categories option in that menu.  This will take you to the Categories page.

Navigating to Categories.

2. Click on the + button at the top right of the Categories table to create a new Category, or click on the blue Edit button for a specific Category that you want to edit.  This will open up the Category editor, where you can create or edit a specific Category.

Create a new category, or edit an existing one.

3. In the Category Editor, you can enter a Category Name (e.g. Supplements), and a Category Description (e.g. All Natural Supplements).  you can disable or enable a category here as well. Click the Save button to save your changes.  Repeat this steps 2 and 3 as needed to create all your Categories.

Make sure to save a category once you’re done editing it.

Shipping Address

Setting up a Shipping Address is important if you intend on creating Purchase Orders in OutSmart.  You can read more about Purchase Orders here, but one of the reasons that Purchase Orders are important is that they help to manage your inventory.  In order to create Purchase Orders, you need to have a Shipping Address specified; so we will set that up here.

  1. Click on the Dispensary Settings menu item at the top, and then select the Address Book option in that menu.  This will take you to the Dispensary Address Book page.

Navigating to the address book.

2. You can set up more than one address here if needed, however most people only require one address.   Enter in all your address information, and select Default Address at the bottom to use this address as a default for all Purchase Orders.

Adding your first shipping address.

Fill out every field with a red asterisk. Remember to save when you’re done.

3. Click on Save to save the address.

Managing Dispensary Items

An item is anything that you sell in your clinic.  It includes products, services, labs, and anything else that you want to add to an invoice when billing your clients.

Adding Items

Items can be added to your dispensary in a few different ways.

  1. You can manually open your dispensary and add items, one at a time.
  2. You can create a new item from your SOAP chart, when you are creating a treatment plan for a patient.
  3. You can automatically create an item in your dispensary by using the Express Checkout card on the Dashboard, when you are checking your patient out for a newly created Event Type.
  4. You can request an import of your inventory details stored in another system.

Manually adding items to the dispensary

To manually add items to your dispensary, start by going to the dispensary using the Main Navigation Menu.  Once you are in your dispensary, click on the Products menu at the top, and select Product List.

Navigating to the product list.

On the Product List page, click on the button labelled +New Product.  This will open a new product editing screen.  You can add your product details here, and click on the Save button to save the product and return to your product list.

Click the new product button to enter the product creation menu.

Fill out all the desired fields, and then click save.

Adding items via SOAP charts

Items can be added to the dispensary via SOAP charts.  To learn how to do this, please read the article on the Product Section of the SOAP chart.  This will give you all the details on how to add items to your dispensary this way.

Adding items via Express Checkout

The Express Checkout Card on the Dashboard is used to quickly create invoices for your clients when they are checking out.  During the process of creating the client invoice, Express Checkout will search the dispensary for all items you are attempting to bill for.  If it does not find an item in the dispensary, it will create that item in the dispensary, and then add it to the invoice.  To learn more about how and why this is used, read this article on converting Calendar Events into billable Items in the dispensary.

Requesting an import of all your items from another system

If you are able to produce an excel spreadsheet of your inventory items, you can send us an e-mail and request that we import your list for you.  Our team will do one free inventory import per clinic, so if you have hundreds of items to enter into the system, this may be the fastest and easiest solution for you.  To avail yourself of this service, simply download our Excel CSV template listed below, and fill out as many of the fields as possible.  You can then send that to us via e-mail and we will take care of the rest!

Removing Items

Here is how you can delete a product from your dispensary:

  1. Go to the Product List in the Dispensary.
  2. Search for, and then check mark the product you want to delete.
  3. Click on the “Delete Selected” button at the top right of the product list.
How to delete a product from your dispensary

How to delete a product from your dispensary