SmartForm Questionnaires

What are SmartForms?

OutSmart’s SmartForms module is a unique and powerful questionnaire system that allows you to not only gather information, but also organize and catalog that information for use in other areas of the EMR, like the Smart Charts, the Calendar, or the Patient WorkSpace.

You can learn more details about SmartForms here.

Preparing for success with SmartForms

Success with SmartForms depends on a few factors:

  • How comfortable is your overall client demographic with entering their medical data online?
  • How comfortable is your overall demographic with technology?
  • Have you and your staff been trained in how to use the SmartForm system?
  • Have you spend enough time tailoring your SmartForm to your clinic needs?

For those in a rush, SmartForms can be used out-0f-the-box with very little configuration.  Fro the time you open your OutSmart account, your SmartForms could be ready to send out to your patients in under 5 minutes.  We do however recommend that you spend some time learning how the system works.  The best way to do this is to contact OutSmart for a training session, or spend the time going through the documentation to learn how it works.

In all cases, the most successful SmartForm users have taken the time to learn the system, tried it out on themselves as a “fake” patient, and become comfortable with the overall process.