Purchase Orders

Creating Purchase Orders

Editing Purchase Orders

Deleting Purchase Orders

Receiving a Purchase

Once you receive the order from the distributor, you will have an invoice in that box you receive.  You need to enter that invoice against the purchase order, in order to increase your inventory.  Here is how you can do that.

  1. Go to your Purchase Order screen in the Dispensary, and then click on the “edit” button next to a finalized purchase order.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Add Invoice” to add an invoice against the purchase order.
  3. Fill out the date on the invoice, and enter the correct amounts of products received.
  4. If you have received everything from this purchase order, then you can complete it.  If not, then save the purchase order and come back to it later to add more invoices against it as you receive the rest of the order.

Impact on Inventory

A Purchase Order is just a wish-list of items you want to purchase. You are requesting these items, but have not received them yet.  So creating a Purchase Order, and then finalizing it to be sent to the distributor, will not increase your inventory.

Inventory will only increase once you have received the products and entered a Purchase Invoice against the purchase order.  If you do not do this, purchase orders will have have no impact on your inventory.


Backorders refer to items that you have added to a purchase order, but are not received at the same time as the initial shipment from the distributor.  Backorders are handled automatically by OutSmart.  When you enter a Purchase Invoice against a Purchase Order, only enter in the items that you have received.  Then save the Purchase invoice.  This will increase inventory for the specific items you have received.  Once you get the backordered items, you can then add a second Purchase invoice against the same initial Purchase order.