Managing your product list

Getting to your product list

Your dispensary product list can be managed easily from the product list page in OutSmart. To get to your product list, click on the main navigation menu at the top left of the screen, and then choose your dispensary.

Select your dispensary from the Main Menu.

Once in your dispensary, select the product menu at the top, and then click on Product List.

Select the Product List option from the Products menu in the dispensary.

Setting up your columns

You have full control to configure your product list columns. Click on the “gear” icon at the top left of the produce list to access the column selection tool, which will allow you to select the columns you want to display, as well as the order in which to display them. To change the order, just drag and drop the selected columns in the order you want them.

Click the Gear Icon to access the column selector, then select the desired columns and drag them into order.

Once you have set up your columns, click on “Apply Changes” and this will save your settings for the column list. Choose only enough columns to fit on your screen comfortably to make the product list easier to understand.

Editing product properties

Depending on your level of permissions in the dispensary, you may or may not be able to edit products directly from this list. If you are the creator of the dispensary, you will always have the ability to edit products. However, if you are an admin staff or an invited practitioner, you may not have the ability to edit products. This permission can only be granted by the dispensary creator.

How to obtain permission to edit products

If you need to have permission to edit products, the dispensary owner can add those permissions for you.

AS a dispensary creator, you can learn how to grant and revoke access to your dispensary here.

Editing product properties

Once you have the proper permissions to edit products, you can then do so from the product list itself. Click on any of the product properties in the product list, and this will allow you to edit those properties.

Click any property in the product list to edit that property.