Inventory Reports

Item List

The Item List report will provide you with a list of items from your OutSmart dispensary. This can include not only products, but also services, labs, essentially anything you have ever sold or recommended to your  patients.  You can use the filters for this report to fine tune the information you want to see, and adjust the format.

Filters for the Item List Report.

Filters for the Item List Report.

Description of the filters for this report:

  • Start Date: Set the inventory count start date.  Normally it is best to leave this blank unless you have a very specific reason to set this start date.
  • End Date: This will set the end date for your inventory list – often used when attempting to generate an inventory report as of a particular date.
  • Filter Category: Allows you to set the category of items that you want to report on.
  • Filter Product Status: Allows you to restrict reporting to either enabled, disabled, or all items.  Default is enabled items.
  • Compare stock to entered value or product minimum: Allows you to restrict reporting to only items that match the comparison entered.  For example, entering ‘<5’ will report on all items that have less than 5 in stock.  Adding a checkmark to ‘Use Product Minimum’ will allow you to simply add ‘<‘ as the filter, in order to restrict the report to all items that are ‘less than’ the product minimum.
  • Filter by Manufacturer:  Allows you to restrict the report to one or several specific manufacturers.
  • Filter by Distributor: Allows you to restrict the report to one or several specific distributors.
  • Group By: Allows you to create groupings in the report with separate subtotals.  Multi-level grouping is allowed here as well.

Sample: Low Stock Report

Running a low stock report can show what items are low in stock and may need to be restocked soon.

  • Set Filter Product Status to “Enabled” to exclude items that you no longer carry.
  • Set Compare Stock to a value such as “<5” (less than 5) or “<10” (less than 10)

Retrieving a low stock report.

Sample: Inventory Valuation Report

Running an inventory valuation report can show you the retail value of your current inventory, as well as the wholesale cost of your inventory.

  • Set Compare Stock value to >=1 (greater than or equal to 1) to exclude items that are out of stock.
  • Add the Columns “Sales Value” and/or “Cost Value”.

Retrieving an inventory valuation report.

Inventory Adjustment

The inventory adjustment report will list every transaction of any kind that has affected the inventory count of your dispensary items.  This will include purchases, sales, refunds, adjustments, and blending.

Filters for the Inventory Adjustment Report.

Filters for the Inventory Adjustment Report.