Customize Your Event List by Office (Event Scopes)

From previous help files you may already be aware that Event Types can have one of two scopes: practitioner scope, or office scope.

A Practitioner Scope Event Type is an event type, like an ‘Initial Consultation’, that is common among all your clinic locations, if you work in various locations.  So if you provide services in more than one location, and have set up each location as an Office in Outsmart, then a Practitioner Scope event will be present for you to book with your patients in all locations.

But what if some of your Event Types are unique to one location?  It would not make sense for that Event Type to show up when booking in locations where that Event Type is not offered.  This is one of the reasons for Office Scope events.

An Office Scope Event Type will only show up as a bookable event in the single office where it was created, and will not show up in booking lists in other Offices in OutSmart.  This can help you in some situations where you need to organize your Event Types by office, or where the properties or your Event Types are different for each Office.

Setting an Event Type to have an Office Scope

Setting an Event Type to have an Office Scope