Configure your Calendar Shortlist

The OutSmart Calendar system will give you access to viewing the calendars of all practitioners across all offices you are connected to.  If you are an office administrator, you will have unrestricted access to all these calendars.  Practitioners, on the other hand, will only have access to their own calendar, and those other practitioners who choose to allow access to their calendars.

If you are part of a very large clinic, this can result in access to dozens and dozens of possible calendars.  To make the interface neater and easier to use, we have created what we call a “Calendar Shortlist”.  The Calendar Shortlist is a subset of all the calendars you have access to.  You can select which calendars you want to be in your “Shortlist”, which will make it easier for your to manage your overall calendar management experience.  This is an especially useful feature for administrators.

Setting up your Calendar Shortlist

In order to set up your Calendar Shortlist, open your OutSmart Calendar, and look to the left where you will see your current shortlist.  If you have never adjusted your shortlist before, then this list will include all practitioners and rooms in your current office.  That’s the default shortlist for all accounts.  From here, click on the “gear” icon to the top right of the Calendar Shortlist.  This will open up the Calendar Master List.  The Master List is a list of all calendars that you have access to across all offices you are connected to.  There could be many, many calendar options in here if you are part of a larger clinic.

How to access your Master Calendar List

How to select calendars to add to your shortlist

To create your own Calendar Shortlist, select the calendars you want to include in your shortlist from the Master Calendar List.  Once you are done, click on the Save and Close button, and this will update your Calendar Shortlist to the left of the calendar interface.  You can now hide and show calendars from your shortlist without having the bulk of all your accessible calendars cluttering your interface.