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Setting up a Patient Portal account

Setting Up your Patient Portal account

You can only set up a Patient Portal account in the following ways:

  1. You book an appointment with your practitioner using OutSmart Online Booking.
  2. You have been provided an Access Link or an Access Code from your practitioner.

Patient Portal Account via Online Booking

When you book an appointment on your practitioner’s online booking page, you are prompted to create an account with a your e-mail address and a password.  This is your patient portal account.  You can log into you patient portal account at https://portal.outsmartemr.com.

Patient Portal Account via Access Link or Access Code

If you are provided an Access Link in an e-mail notification from your practitioner, you can simply click on the link.  This will prompt you to either log into an existing Patient Portal account, or to register for a new account.  Click on the “Register Here” link at the bottom of the page, and fill out all the information.

Your Access Code will be automatically entered in the registration form if you came to the registration form by clicking on an Access Link in your e-mail.  If you instead just got an Access Code from your practitioner, then you should enter it here, in the registration form.  You cannot create an account here without having an access code either automatically or manually entered in the form.

Once you are done filling out all the fields, click on “Submit” to log into your Patient Portal Account.