Copy Calendar Event Types Into the Dispensary

Instructional Video

Creating billable items from Calendar Events

You can use the Express Checkout to create a billable item from your Calendar Events.

The OutSmart Calendar, which takes care of your schedule and online booking, and the OutSmart Dispensary, which takes care of your billing, are connected through the Express Checkout system available on the Dashboard.

Creating an Event Type, like a First Visit or a Follow-Up in your Calendar, does not automatically make that event a billable item in your OutSmart Dispensary.  Instead, the first time you use the Express Checkout to bill your client for that event, the system will automatically create a Dispensary Item that is linked to that event.  You do not need to manually create a Dispensary Item for that Event Type because the Express Checkout does it for you.

However, if you just want to get your Event Types created into Dispensary Items right away and do not want to wait for when you bill your clients, you can do this by creating a ‘fake’ appointment for today in your calendar for a ‘fake’ client, and book them in for ALL your Event Types.  Then you can use the Express Checkout system to bill this fake client and have all the Event Types created for you.  Then you will delete this invoice and delete the appointment.

Here is how you do this:

Create a fake appointment for a fake patient for today.  the appointment must be for the current day in order for it to show up in your Express Checkout.  Select ALL your billable events that you want to use to create corresponding dispensary items.  See image below:

Ensure to select ALL billable events

2. Go to the Dashboard.  In the Express Checkout area, click and select every event listed for your fake patient, and click on the green New Invoice button to create an invoice for them.  This will add all the events into your Dispensary as Items.

Synchronizing your calendar events with your dispensary
Synchronizing your calendar events with your dispensary

3. Once all of this has been done, you will need to go into your Calendar and delete the fake appointment, and then go into your Dispensary and delete the face invoice.